“Last Western Journalists” in Eastern Aleppo

Last August, Clarissa Ward gave her famous impassioned “no-winners-in-Aleppo” speech at the UN, moving millions, yet failing to address the country’s problems or proposing solutions. Today I try to shed light on yet another Western journalist, Bilal Abdulkareem of On the Ground News, who provides an entirely different anti-Syrian-state perspective, namely a first-person narrator who tells us first hand about the insurgency’s demands and aspirations beyond the simplistic coverage of mainstream media.

White Helmets: The Path from Nobel to Oscar

This video war removed from RFS social media after creating confusion. It was originally published by the Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office (RFS), an anti-State media outlet. The video initially shows members of Syria’s ‘White Helmets’ partaking in the Mannequin Challenge. The White Helmets, officially the Syrian Civil Defense, is a western-funded network that operates in insurgent-occupied areas in Syria. The organization was nominated for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize. However, the prize went to Colombia’s President Juna Manuel Santos for negotiating peace with the FARC rebel group. A White Helmets “documentary” is now nominated for the 2017 Oscar’s. This video certainly demonstrates their acting talents.